10.5 Ways To Earn $360,000 per Year Blogging?


The best bloggers are outperforming everyone else in terms of income, and they’re doing it on a shoestring budget.

Ryan Robinson, for example, makes over $30,000 per month from his blog alone. That’s not too terrible, is it?

In Ryan’s case, it took him over two years to begin generating serious income from his blog. He launched the blog in 2014, and the first monthly income report he published was in 2018 for $9,322.

It may take time and patience to generate traffic organically, but it might pay off. If they rank at all, Ryan claims he doesn’t anticipate a new position on page one of Google to appear sooner than after six months. Blogging isn’t going to make you rich overnight, but if you persistently work at it, you may grow a substantial income.

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Here’s how Ryan has found success:

1. He creates enormous 10,000-word compositions. These are powerful authority pieces, with “business ideas,” which have a 100,000 monthly search volume, being one of them.

2. His favorite post is the listicle; huge, exhaustive lists such as ‘101 Business Ideas’ and ‘70 Genius Ways to Make Money Online.’ These posts could easily be Kindle books but he chooses to place them on his site to bring in traffic.

3. His other favorite type of post is the ‘how to’ guide, such as How to Start a Blog and How to Start a Freelancing Business While Working Full Time. These are long, detailed and all-encompassing guides that Google loves to rank high.

4. 92% of his income comes from affiliate sales. His top three affiliate products are Bluehost, Dreamhost, and Flexjobs.

5. Ryan writes about freelancing and making money online because he’s worked as a freelancer and because there is substantial affiliate income to be made in this niche. He doesn’t recommend choosing a niche just because you love it unless you know ahead of time how you’re going to monetize it.

6. Ryan focuses on getting backlinks because Google determines your ‘social status’ with your niche via the number and type of backlinks you have. Some of his backlinks come from major sites such as Hubspot, GoDaddy, Yelp, Money.com, LinkedIn blog, and Sitepoint.

7. Ryan schedules a call with major players, interviews them, and then mentions them in his article to get coveted backlinks. In contrast to simply writing about someone and then informing them they are referenced in your piece, he claims this dramatically boosts the likelihood that they will link to you.

8. Ryan continually updates his content and then places an ‘updated on date’ tag next to the title. Google encourages material creators to keep their material up to date, so he does it.

9. In his articles, he relies on personal experiences and tales. He enjoys beginning his essays with a narrative and maintaining the human tone and his own ideas throughout.

10. This blog is important to Ryan. He isn’t doing anything else outside of this niche and hasn’t created a second or third blog on other subjects. Nonetheless, given that he writes about his freelancing experience, he continues to do some freelance work.

10.5 His job isn’t going well for the most part. His average blog entries get barely a few hundred views per month, as incredible as it may seem. Despite this, his top 15 blogs get a lot of traffic, which compensates. You never know which posts are going to blow up, so you just have to keep posting and performing your best. Eventually, you’ll come across blogs that attract a lot of traffic, and your less popular blogs will be discovered by traffic from those blogs.


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